J.McLaughlin At Home

Bring your at-home life, up a notch.
Farmer’s market fresh recipes, styling tips, mixology lessons, home hacks to spruce up your space.
The simple ways of living your at-home life with more panache.

At-Home: Entertaining

For all things RSVP. Classic cocktails, restaurant quality desserts in five easy steps—
soirees, zoom happy hours, at-home dinners, and parties, this way!

Barbara McLaughlin’s
Favorite Meyer Lemon

It’s no coincidence that our May collection launched with a cotton shirt adorned with a bright lemon print, our creative director’s wife (and muse) Barbara McLaughlin has 7 Meyer lemon trees at their home in Florida!

In The Kitchen:
The Best Floral Desserts

Currently craving, botanical inspired desserts as nature comes into full bloom. May flowers here we come—lavender, pansies, tulips, hydrangeas—you sure are something to smile about. Also, yes our sweet tooth cravings are really something these days and we’re spending some extra time in the kitchen, so why not add some pretty petals to our dessert roster?

Recipe: Rhyme & Reason's
Strawberry Basil Margarita

Hello, Jillian here! Thanks for cocktailing with me today! I hope that everyone is having a safe and healthy spring during this unsettling time. In an effort to bring a little sunshine and a little slice of spring into your lives, I’m sharing how to make the most delicious and refreshing strawberry basil margaritas today. Mixing these up this weekend will hopefully be a welcome (and tasty!) distraction from everything that is going on in the world. Staying at home doesn’t have to be all bad!

At-Home: Lifestyle

Up the ante on your abode. At-home projects, design hacks, and more!

How to Create a Beautiful Home Office
with Marisa Marcantonio

You could say Marisa Marcantonio’s charming and beautifully curated instagram account is one of our favorite places to escape these days. Read her tips to the perfect home office setup.

7 Steps To the Perfect Closet
with Lauryn Galda

Does your closet need some TLC? Us too! Introducing home and lifestyle organizational designer, Lauryn Galda of LGO Professional Organizing, who is on our FaceTime speed dial as we virtually tackle one closet and pantry at a time. Follow Lauryn’s seven simple steps for creating a joyful, happy, clutter-free home.

The Little Things:
A Spa Day at Home

If you’re like us, at the end of the week, it’s time to leave your stress at the door, and transform your bathroom into the ultimate spa oasis. Put on Spotify’s Beethoven radio, light your favorite candle, and prepare to pamper. From salon soft strands to a mood-boosting bright pink pedicure—the perfect spa afternoon, at-home.