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  1. Classic Eats: The River Café

    Last time we checked, there were more than 26,000 restaurants across New York’s five boroughs. But, even though we’re spoiled for choice, the River Café holds a special place in our hearts for several reasons. First, the iconic setting in Brooklyn’s DUMBO neighborhood, less than five miles from J. McLaughlin HQ. Located beneath the Brooklyn Bridge, the restaurant sits on a former coffee barge, offering Hollywood-worthy views of the East River and lower Manhattan. Second, the charming backstory. The River Café opened in 1977—the same year that Jay and Kevin McLaughlin founded our company. The owner, a friend of the McLaughlin brothers named Buzzy O’Keefe, had worked for 12 years, lobbying the city to let him open a restaurant in this gritty industrial area. (He still has a letter from City Hall, informing him that his idea was impossible.) Last but not least: the romance! From the first sip of champagne to the last luscious bite of the signature Chocolate Brooklyn Bridge dessert, date night at The River Café is always a magical, swoon-inducing experience.

    Ready for a romantic autumn rendezvous at the River Café?

    Here’s what to wear for lunch, brunch or dinner:

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  2. A Brand Grows in Brooklyn: The J.McLaughlin Story

    Long before Williamsburg made headlines as one of America’s hippest neighborhoods, Jay and Kevin McLaughlin, our co-founders, fell in love with Brooklyn. What began as a fascination with the gracious brownstones and leafy cobblestone streets became an enduring passion for this centuries-old borough. Informed and inspired by their appreciation for New York’s rich history, the brothers had an uncanny sense that Brooklyn would be the perfect place to build the J. McLaughlin brand. Fortuitously, they found a 1920s brick warehouse in a gritty corner of Greenpoint and transformed it into our light-filled design studio and manufacturing facilities. We feel very lucky to call Brooklyn home, as the colorful neighborhoods are an endless source of creative energy and style inspiration and a fabulous backdrop for our new collection of clothing for work, travel, and other fabulous autumnal pursuits.

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