Color Crush: Royal Neutrals


After a binge-worthy month of Bridgerton, the Netflix original series that was just named the most-watched Netflix original since launch, we are coveting Queen Charlotte’s enchanting fashion and palette that we’re calling... royal neutrals. Let’s give winter cream and oatmeal tones a little something, a bit more 19th-century ball gown. We’ve collected the perfect combination of home, beauty, and fashion to put a fresh spin on a palette that would bewitch the queen herself.



First Row: Architectural Digest: A Century of Style, Coffee Table Book by Pottery Barn and Eunice Cashmere Wrap

Second Row: Regalia Sisal Wallcovering by Schumacher and Chanel N°5 EAU PREMIÈRE Eau de Parfum by Sephora

Third Row: Riviera Linen Dress and Smokey Eye Brick by Victoria Beckham Beauty

Fourth Row: Opera Table by Lillian August and Marisa Fleece Top

Fifth Row: Alessa Leather Belt and Pair of Neoclassical Creamware Vases by Eerdman’s