Embracing Life From Home

Adding little luxuries to your routine and trying out new projects can make home life exciting each and every day. While you might be fully adjusted to the remote work life, don’t hesitate to mix things up, whether it's through punchy Zoom backgrounds or wearing luxe loungewear. While off duty, enjoy mood-boosting workouts and host virtual happy hours with friends and family. Ahead, we've rounded up our favorite things to do at home.

Working From Home Lifestyle

  A productive work-from-home setup begins with creating a comfortable environment to get things done. A chic desk and chair are the musts, but don’t forget decor! Think: invigorating candles (a little aromatherapy is always the trick), inspiring artwork that sparks joy, and living plants (a great way of adding a natural air purifier to your space)... The perfect way to pep up your at-home office? Use mood-boosting  J.McLaughlin prints as desktop, phone, and video call backgrounds

Working from home also lends itself to your new “office” attire. Our work-from-home style motto:  stay elevated yet relaxed. Dressing up can boost confidence, but that doesn't mean you need to wear normal work attire like sheath dresses and pantsuits. For those days sans video calls, we like to stay comfy with our unstructured luxury loungewear that feels put-together yet so wearable. Curate a mix of solid and patterned work-from-home clothes to keep your wardrobe versatile.

Workouts From Home 

The ultimate mood boost? Body movement. Incorporate exercise into your daily itinerary  (if even for just ten minutes) by remotely meeting up with your trainer or following a YouTube video. Activities such as yoga, weightlifting, or full-body workouts can help not only your physical health but also your mood. Whether you're hitting the yoga mat or lifting dumbbells, slip into your favorite posh workout gear to get those endorphins going! The basics, but never dull — put on a soft tee and a pair of leggings with a vibrant pattern. 

Socializing (Virtually, of course)

Whether we’re in our pajamas or dressed up in our go-to statement dresses, we love hopping onto a video call to hang out with friends and family. Nothing beats timeless conversation, but you can sprinkle in entertainment by getting creative. Shake up your hangouts by hosting a virtual book club, happy hour, movie marathon, or an interactive game like charades

Cooking at Home 

One amazing part of spending more time at home? More time to master those recipes that have been on your to-do list for years. Whether you cook something by yourself or with your family, it can be not only fun, enjoyable, and tasty, but also relaxing!. While meal prepping keeps the week running smoothly, that doesn’t mean that you can’t try out new recipes. We've been learning how to make irresistibly flaky Southern biscuits through Zoom cocktail classes from The Charleston Academy of Domestic Pursuits. For dessert, we've also been indulging in some apple cake, using a family recipe from our friend Elizabeth Mayhew of The Dutchy.

There are plenty of tried-and-true ways to spark joy while staying in. The possibilities are endless when it comes to embracing life at home!