Moodboarding Tips, Tricks and Best Practices


Our moodboard challenge from last year is back, and better than ever! This year we are taking on #ASummerMood with a fresh floral twist to get that lovely fresh bloom vibe Verry Robin captured for our summer campaign. 




What to use:

- When it comes to moodboarding, the whole point is to have fun. And I say in order to do that, you need to make it easy on yourself. So when you're ready to create your board, use things that you have in your home. 

- I almost always use items that I have on hand in my studio to create my mood boards. Granted I'm a prop stylist, however what I use is probably what a lot of you already have on hand, too. Some of my favorite items are: old pictures, postcards, floral prints, stamps, rock collections, flowers, shells, ribbons, small boxes, old clippings, sunglasses ... the list is endless. 




Top 5 favorite props to use:

- If I HAD to choose my top 5 favorite items to create a mood board with, they would be: Coral, old photographs, fresh flowers, shells, a good magnifying glass




A few best practices when mood boarding:

- Have fun and make it reflect you and what you love. It's no fun  making something that reflects anyone else other than the awesome person creating it. So use things that you think are your style, floral and summery. 

- I always say more is more, so layer on what you love and don't be afraid of color or making it busy. It IS a mood board after-all. 

- One of my favorite tips, albeit simple, is giving our mood boards a focus. (aka something in the middle) It helps you structure your mood board and gives your eye a place to go right when looking at it even if it's full of things. 

- One of the best places to take a photo of your pretty mood board is in indirect sunlight. So this can be in front of a glass door or window, on a table or on the floor. Our phones are so capable of amazing images too so no need to whip out a real camera if you're not a photographer! 

- If you have items that you love that are in a certain color-way like all blue or all red or whatever, use them. Sometimes having a theme or a specific color-way can make it easier. But if not or that's not what your heart desires, use lots of colors. Truly my friends, there are no rules.