Midsummer Refresh: Sweaters

Colorful crewnecks and dreamy lightweight cashmere.

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Bundle up in a cozy cashmere knit for extra warmth any time of the year. J.McLaughlin's Cashmere Shop carries this oh-so-soft and breathable wool year-round for your layering needs. Our go-to favorite is a traditional cashmere sweater. This practical piece will keep you warm through any season. It's also great to have on hand wherever you go, as it pairs well with virtually any top or bottom. It's also lightweight, easy to pull on and off. Our robust selection comes with various lengths, cuts, and colors. Our lightweight cashmere sweaters include tunics, cardigans, and tailored styles, so you’ll find the fit you love no matter your style. For extra flair, we also include sophisticated details such as front wraps and button trimming. 

If you're looking for a standout shape that's easy to throw on, our cashmere wraps and ponchos drape beautifully for elegant silhouettes. Our lightweight cashmere sweater wraps come in bold and neutral choices, offering a range of different solid colors and patterns. Find your favorite cashmere poncho and simply put it over your shoulders for that chic oversized look. Find similar comfort and style with a lightweight cashmere scarf.

Whether you like a sweater that hugs or a poncho to loosely hang, you'll find a staple soft cashmere layer from J.McLaughlin's Cashmere Shop.