Catalina Cloth™

Our signature fabric, Catalina Cloth™ is a lightweight spandex knit.
It has been a best-kept secret of well-dressed women from Manhattan to Montecito.

Lightweight, wrinkle-free, and ideal for travel.

No dry cleaning or ironing required.

Stay cool in summer, layer easily in the winter.

Takes beautifully to both colors and elegant prints.

Knit Denim

Our stretch cotton knit has the authentic texture and look of denim, but is as comfortable as yoga pants.

• 4-Way stretch technology

Bainbridge Cloth

Our virtually seasonless knit jersey is crafted from a unique blend of natural rayon, nylon, and spandex.

• Matte finish • Wrinkle-free • Generous stretch

Lyford Jersey

Our stretch cotton knit has the authentic texture and look of denim, but is as comfortable as yoga pants.

• 4-Way stretch technology

Amelia Cloth

Both the Margot and Masie Pant are cast in our blend
of nylon, rayon, and spandex.

• Lightweight stretch • Crisp polish • Slight sheen

Madeira Cloth

Feels like your favorite cotton, but with a perfect amount of modern stretch and a subtle sheen.

• Lightweight stretch • Crisp polish • Slight sheen


A versatile performance knit spandex fabric.

• 4-Way stretch technology • Moisture wicking/Quick-dry • UPF 50+ Protection

Faux Suede

Our genius faux suede feels like the real thing, but it's waterproof!

J.McLaughlin uses the highest quality textiles to craft beautiful clothes. We take advantage of many types of fabric to suit each and every activity throughout your day, from casual walks to fancy parties. Whether you're looking for wrinkle resistance, stretchiness, or breathability, we'll keep you covered — literally. Attentive to the perfect finish? We carry different textures that range from a clean matte look to a subtle sheen. On this page, learn all about the types of fabric used for clothing that looks and feels great.

We balance wearable comfort with standout textures. Many of our timeless dresses use the signature Catalina Cloth™️, a machine washable spandex knit that's breathable and takes color beautifully. You also can't go wrong Bainbridge Cloth when it comes to dresses — this gorgeous matte and generously stretchy jersey flatters every figure. Love a good pair of pants that won’t chafe? And if you wish that your classic jeans felt like yoga pants, slip into our 4-way stretch Knit Denim. For a lightweight shirt that you can layer on virtually any season, put on a top made with our machine washable Lyford Jersey. At J.McLaughlin, you’ll always get sophisticated styles with comfortable, high-quality fabrics.