At J.McLaughlin, we’re constantly inspired by the people we work with, so, we decided to give you a closer look at who we are. Welcome to 11 Questions—our new employee spotlight that runs the gamut of "getting to know us”— from career advice to morning routines.

First up, our leader that is always on the go (with a big glass of lemon water in hand).  From store design meetings to social media brainstorming, our CEO, Mary Ellen Coyne plays a huge part in all of the elements of J.McLaughlin. Read more, below (we encourage you to drink a glass of lemon water simultaneously). 

1. Best Career Advice You’ve Received: 
Love what you do and it will never feel like work!

2. Favorite Song: 
Right now - “Shallow" - I belt it out whenever I am in the car!

3. Your Style In Three Words: 
Clean, Classic, Sophisticated

4. On My Bucket List: 
Northern Lights


5. Style Icon: 
My mother, she is always impeccably dressed.

6. Daily Motto: 
Count Your Blessings Everyday

7. Morning Routine: 
A big cup of coffee, a run in Central Park, then dropping off at school. 

8. Favorite J.McLaughlin Piece: 
Lois shirt in Exeter. I’ve been wearing it with jeans, wide leg pants, pencil skirts. 

9. Best way to shake off a tough day: 
Casamigos with lots of club soda and fresh squeezed lime. :)

10. Favorite Book: 
The Goldfinch 


11. Favorite Color: