An American Classic: Arielle Patrick photographed by Daphne Youree


This month’s of the moment, Arielle Patrick, a Chief Communications Officer (in fact, one of the youngest Wall Street C suite execs) and modern day renaissance woman that takes everyday head on in a crisp shirt, a centered mind, and the ability to always stay nimble.


With exciting upcoming summer nuptials and a jam-packed work week, Patrick, a corporate strategist and creative, works at a global asset management firm where she oversees media relations, public and community affairs, internal communications, corporate and executive leadership communications, branding, and content marketing initiatives. Arielle also sits on the firm’s Operating Committee (read her recent New York Times profile here). Somehow, this classic style devotee still finds time to run, take a quick morning bath, and sit on many boards including the National Advisory Board for Yellowstone National Park's foundation; the Board of Directors of The Harbor Sciences & Arts Charter School; the Steering Committee for the Young Fellows of The Frick Collection Museum and many others. 


Below, Patrick shares everything from her life motto to her esthetician’s Instagram account to the must-read novel you should *add to cart* immediately. Also, expect words of wisdom you’ll want to write down, and summer style inspiration galore in her dreamy light-filled New York City apartment. 


Arielle Patrick


Chief Communications Officer at a global investment firm, investor in two early stage companies, board member of several institutions  

Kind, Powerful & Strong. 

Photograph by Daphne Youree


New York, New York


Protect your energy 


“Stop, breathe, think, and choose” - in that order -  before reacting to any situation, good or bad. This is my personal framework I created to practice mindfulness all day! 


Forget to say “thank you.” 

My Personal Style In Three Words: 

Classic, City and Country 


Keep It Simple: Arielle in her summer uniform.

 Photograph by Daphne Youree

Style Icon: 

My mother, who is a strong believer in the crisp white Oxford, good slacks, and a tailored blazer! 

Biggest Career Learning Lesson: 

No matter how senior you are, always be the most prepared.

Biggest Life Learning: 

Self-compassion and flexibility are the keys to success and happiness. 

When I Need Inspiration, I… 

Talk to my family. They are all my career role models. My dad is a pioneer in media, my mom is a fearless healthcare worker, and my brother is the hardest working attorney.

The Best Piece of Career Advice I’ve Received: 

Having a plan only gets you so far. The key to success is remaining nimble. I’ve taken that advice and grown it to mean... That I can always exceed my own expectations. If I am open to whatever comes my way, instead of focusing too much on planning, things will fall into place. Too much planning and tunnel vision is limiting. If you put your blinders on you’ll miss the magic! 

Step Into My Office: Art & style to a tee— Arielle’s chic workspace.

Photo by Daphne Youree

This Summer I Am Most Looking Forward To…

My wedding, which is very J. McLaughlin-esque! From the custom calligraphy on the invitations and on-site at the event by Jill Ryder at Shindig Bespoke... to the tabletops and florals I created with my designers at David Beahm and my planner Nicky Reinhard... you’ll see lots of blue, white, and green. Oh right, I’m also thrilled to commit to a life of love and happiness with my partner, Aaron. 


My Summer Essentials:

Danielle Gamble, my skin guru (@skinbydgrace)... will kill me if I don’t say... SPF 50 SUNSCREEN! Also Sisley Paris “All Day All Year” moisturizer to protect against UV rays even when you’re inside! Thanks to her, I’m not wearing an ounce of foundation in these pics! She got me to place where I can just throw on mascara and lip gloss.

Ray of Light: SPF = Always & Forever

Never Did I Think I Would…

Be where I am right now. God is so good. 



  1. An American Marriage by Tayari Jones. I was introduced to this novel by my friend Lauren Cerand, who is an amazing book publicist and sent me an advanced copy when she was working on the launch. It’s also a favorite of President Obama and Oprah. I may have even read it before them! 
  2. Between Two Kingdoms: A Memoir of A Life Interrupted by Suleika Jaouad. Suleika is a friend from Princeton University. In this memoir, she shares her journey to finding the meaning of life while battling cancer early in life. It is not depressing. It’s invigorating and inspiring. 
  3. Christodora by Tim Murphy. This is one of the best novels I’ve read in the past 10 years. Recently Tim joined my book club by Zoom and we got to ask him questions about his work. This was one of the best days of my life, thanks to my friend Emily, whose aunt is Tim’s publisher! 

Must-Read: An American Marriage by Tayari Jones

Newest Discovery:

That “I am kind, powerful, and strong.” When I’m not at The Fort, my gym, I do morning runs at home on my Peloton tread. Each class always ends with this mantra, courtesy of my favorite instructor, Adrian Williams. I repeat this message to myself throughout the day to keep going and pursue excellence. 

Favorite Indulgence:

I treat myself every morning with a 10-15 minute hot bath in our Waterworks soaking tub. It is the ultimate luxury. I feel so blessed and whisper a little “thank you” to myself and the universe every time I step in it. I still can’t believe this is my life. I hope I never become too jaded to pinch myself in moments like this. 


My Favorite NYC Restaurants:

King Restaurant, founded and owned by my friend Annie Shi, a fellow native New Yorker! 

Primola on the Upper East Side.

Ciccio, where Aaron and I had our first date.

Al Fresco: King Restaurant in New York City

The Last Meal That Truly Impressed Me:

My fiancé is an incredible cook. Seriously, anything he makes is my favorite. Right now as I’m responding to these questions he’s making a chicken Milanese with a steakhouse style Caesar salad. I’m the luckiest girl in the world! 


The First Place I Am Traveling…

For work, I am headed to Chicago and Laguna Beach... and then the Maldives for our honeymoon. 

The Hills Are Alive: An iconic snap from The Sound of Music

My J.McLaughlin Picks:

Everything I’m wearing in these pics is exactly what I always wear all summer. Nothing beats a well fitted white tee, white jeans and slacks, and a white linen Oxford. Sometimes, I continue to wear white jeans through the fall and winter with riding boots and a leather jacket or wool blazer. White on white always and forever!