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All Things Fran Lebowitz


Central Park. Sant Ambroeus. J.McLaughlin. The Yankees.  Fran Lebowitz.   These seemingly disparate things have one thing in common-- they can all be described as “Quintessentially New York”.


This weekend we devoured Martin Scorcese’s new Netflix docuseries “Pretend it’s a City” which spotlights the genius of New York’s famed essayist and cultural commentator Fran Lebowitz. She has a signature literary style and a well-honed personal style—both influenced by her long standing love of New York. Fran’s writing and choice of wardrobe have much in common. Nothing forced. Highest quality. Authentic. Fran wears a uniform. From her days at Andy Warhol’s Interview magazine in the 70’s to today, her uniform remains the same: blazer, collared shirt, midwash denim, and boots.  It’s very much a play on proportion and “borrowed from the boys”, yet straightforward enough to be easily digested.   


Go ahead.  

Watch “Pretend it’s a City”.  

Be inspired. 

Be bold.  

Be playful. 

Be New York.  

Just like Fran.