1. Why I’m Wearing Pink This October: Joanne K. Adams Shares Her Story

    Joanne K. Adams 

    Photograph by Daphne Youree

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  2. The Story Behind Our Logo & JMcL Blue

    Photographed by Dan Martensen and styled by Clare Richardson.

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  3. Fourth of July Entertaining Tips With Houses & Parties

    Baby, you’re a firework, party like it. Image courtesy of Houses & Parties.

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  4. A Mother’s Day Chat With F. Gerald New

    All In The Family. From left: Catherine Norbury, Ed Jaeckle, Gretchen Jaeckle, and Jeanne Jaeckle. Photograph by Daphne Youree Photography.

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  5. Derby Through The Decades

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  6. International women's Day

    Celebrating Women’s History Month

    Celebrating Women’s History Month with our J.McLaughlin family.

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  7. Black History Month Books

    Black History Month Book Club

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  8. The Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

    With love, J.McLaughlin.

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  9. 2023 Horoscopes For The Glittering Year Ahead

    2023 is officially underway, but what’s in the stars for the glittering year ahead? Chances are, you’ve read Alice Bell’s horoscopes in British Vogue. We were lucky enough to catch up with Alice for a sneak peek into what’s in the stars for each sign this year, including style era, and personalized colors.

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  10. The History of Tartan Plaid

    Tartan Style Throughout The Ages

    Woman wearing tartan blouse, tartan pants, slingback heels, and black cardigan sweater.

    A playful print that has stood the test of time… tartan. From its strong ties of kinship from centuries past, this engaging striped and checked design has now become a symbol of chic contemporary style.

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