How to Wear Scarves in the Summer

Spring and into summer is the peak time of year to add prints and color into your wardrobe and scarves are the perfect accessory to elevate any look. We love a good statement shoe, wicker bag, and colorful summer scarf to make any outfit pop. Add an element of freshness to your style with a light, bright, and easy summer scarf to make an instant fashion statement. Read on to learn how to wear scarves in the summer and see our top picks of this versatile accessory.

The Classic Neck Scarf
classic neck scarf

One thing we love the most about spring is the uniform. Jeans, basic tees, linen shirts and dresses--getting dressed becomes significantly more simple this season, as does accessorizing! A light scarf is an easy way to make the beloved denim and white tee look pop. It’s also our trick for staying warm in an overly-air-conditioned room.

Wrap it Around Your Wicker

scarf around a wicker bag

It’s no surprise that our summer scarves and our wicker bags are a match made in heaven. Tie a printed piece onto your bag. A simple idea that adds a pop of color or print to any outfit, and makes your wicker bag stand out, too. Read more on these game-changing accessories and our favorite wicker bags of the season.

Heighten Your Hairstyle
red and white hair scarf

Ponytails and buns become a couple of our best friends to help us stay cool as the summer heat becomes unbearable. Use a scarf to tie your pony or keep your bun in place is a simple way to totally transform your look. Or, wear it as a headband on those days when no amount of dry shampoo could cover up the fact that you didn’t feel like shampooing the night (or two) before, because, let’s admit it...we all have them.

Arm Up Your Cover-Up Game
red cover-up

Turn your summer scarf into your best beach or pool accessory and wear it as a coverup. They’re perfectly lightweight and portable, so you won’t have to sacrifice space in your beach bag. If the sarong-style feels too bare, add a linen shirt topper, either way you’ll be undeniably chic.

Craving more spring style? Looking for another statement accessory? Shape up your for summer with our May 2019 Catalog and explore our wicker collection!