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Inside Our CEO’s Summer Closet: 8 Styles She Loves

Time for a summer refresh. We sat down with our CEO Mary Ellen Coyne to get a peek at her favorite styles for summer—think timeless lightweight staples with a splash of statement style, like the little embroidered jacket.


1. Jamey Sweater


Hands down my favorite year-round sweater. I wear the navy and cream Jameys all the time.


2. Emmett Dress


I always wear a white dress in the summer. I love this modern version with its simple v-neck and pockets.

3. Talulah Bag

This is the bag I’m carrying all summer. I love the tropical toucan print and “fits-it-all” tote style.


4. Kinsey Jacket


This is my favorite new piece right now. I’ve been wearing it with a white tee and white jeans…but you can also dress it up, and pair with this flax linen sheath dress that matches.


5. Eileen Skirt

I love this skirt. My daughter borrows it all the time. I pair it with a simple white tee shirt.

6. Jiliana Pants

An incredibly soft fabric, I love that they float like a skirt but are actually wide-leg pants.


7. Blakely Skirt


I bought this to wear to Hawaii before the pandemic began...I love it. Wear with a white tank and flip flops.


8. Britt Linen Shirt


Such a classic. Tie it at the waist. I love to wear this as a beach shirt.