Six Green Bartletts, Work By Ronalee CrockerSix Green Bartletts, Work By Ronalee Crocker

It’s winter—the season of harvest dinner parties, cozy nights at home, and an investment artwork refresh.


We’re currently coveting: the richly hued and elegant oil still life works of art by Massachusetts-based fine artist Ronalee Crocker.

Five Lemons. Work By Ronalee CrockerFive Lemons. Work By Ronalee Crocker

Crocker’s works, Onions and Five Lemons, were purchased for display in a private home and were featured in an image from our February Style Guide.


Crocker, born in Hingham, MA has won numerous awards and honors for her work in her signature style of using luminous colors against rich dark backgrounds to showcase her subjects without added distractions. She has won The Frank C. Wright Medal of Honor at the American Artists Professional League in New York, where she is a Fellow, Maxima Cum Laude and is a member of the Copley Society of Art in Boston with the distinction of Copley Artist.

Artwork By Ronalee CrockerArtwork By Ronalee Crocker

“With oil paint, I render what nature dictates; soft or sharp transitions or edges, bright or subdued colors.  My realism is not photographic but painterly and soft focused.  In composing the setup, I look for the focal point or ‘Pavarotti’ of the piece.  Everything else should take a step back in importance with some edges just disappearing.  This lends a bit of mystery to the piece.”


Below, some of our favorite works by Crocker that we are dreaming of decorating our homes in.

Eight Oranges By Ronalee CrockerEight Oranges By Ronalee Crocker
Peony II by Ronalee CrockerPeony II by Ronalee Crocker
Six Apples By Ronalee CrockerSix Apples By Ronalee Crocker

To learn more about Crocker’s work please visit her website.