A Delicious Accessory: Actress Maria Felix enjoys a chilly treat in 1959 at the Venice Film Festival.


There's nothing like delicious ice cream in a classic waffle cone to cool down during the summer heat! One of our favorite warm-weather activities is stopping by an ice cream parlor as we take a break from our shopping adventures. Some of America's best ice cream shops reside next to J.McLaughlin locations, so you can grab a sweet treat right after finding your favorite fits. Wondering where the best local ice cream spots around the country are? We'll give you the scoop below. 



Buffy’s Ice Cream 

Chatham, MA

Family owned and operated and home of the famous Chatham Ice Cream bars – handcrafted creamy local ice cream sandwiches dripping with chocolatey goodness – Buffy’s Ice Cream is a must for anyone escaping to the Cape for the summer. Whether you prefer sweet or savory, all ice creams are made in-house – from refreshing Chocolate Raspberry and Butter Pecan to tasty Peanut Butter Fudge and Coffee Oreo. Wash your delicious treat down with fresh squeezed lemonade and visit Chatham’s J.McLaughlin, just a 7 minute walk away.



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St. Clair Annex

Watch Hill, RI

St. Clair Annex has a history as rich as its delicious ice cream. The Nicholas family has been making their ice cream the same way since first opening their doors in 1887 – in small sugary batches with locally sourced ingredients. Grab a scoop of their delectable Watermelon Sherbert after riding the Watch Hill Merry-Go-Round – the oldest flying horse carousel still in-use in the country – and pop into Watch Hill’s J.McLaughlin, which is right across the street from St. Clair.



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Mad Martha’s

Martha’s Vineyard, MA

Legend has it that many years ago, a little girl named Martha would sell her family’s delicious fresh cream throughout the island of Martha’s Vineyard, but one cold winter night she forgot her bottles of cream in the barn and the supply froze. Martha eventually realized she could turn the frozen cream into ice cream and spent the rest of the winter mixing fresh local ingredients with tasty flavors to create Martha’s Vineyard’s most famous ice cream (it’s even the official ice cream of the Martha’s Vineyard Sharks, a collegiate summer baseball team). Mad Martha’s has been serving Martha’s Vineyard for fifty years with twenty-five delicious flavors of homemade ice cream – from mouth-watering Apple Fritter to Sinful Chocolate. With locations in Oak Bluffs, Edgartown, and Vineyard Haven, grab a scoop at Mad Martha’s Edgartown and visit J.McLaughlin Edgartown around the corner.



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Sip ‘N Soda

Southampton, NY

Known not only for its delicious sundaes but also for its summer drink “The Lime Ricky,” Sip ‘N Soda has been a staple of the Southampton community since 1958 when William and Nicoletta Parash founded the luncheonette with their two sons Jim and Paul. Made in-house, their secret ice cream recipe has been passed down by word of mouth through three generations since Paul’s son Mark joined the family business in 1992. Pair their tangy and sweet ice cream recipe with hot fudge, butterscotch, marshmallows, or pineapple and stroll down the street to J.McLaughlin Southampton.



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Hoffman’s Ice Cream

Bay Head, NJ

The perfect frozen treat on a hot summer’s day, Hoffman’s Ice Cream started in 1955 as one of the New Jersey Carvel Ice Cream Stores. Since switching to the Hoffman’s name in 1976, their ice cream and cakes – all made in-house from the freshest ingredients – have been nationally recognized and have even expanded to another location in Spring Lake Heights. Get the scoop on the creamiest and freshest recipes with savory flavors like Almond Turtles and sweet flavors like Jersey Monkey and stop by J.McLaughlin Bay Head on the way home, just a five minute drive away.



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Blue Deer Ice Cream

Blowing Rock, NC

There is nothing like a refreshing ice cream sandwich after a long day sight-seeing in the Blue Ridge Mountains. Thankfully, when you find yourself in Blowing Rock, NC we know the spot with the most scrumptious homemade ice cream cookie sandwiches. Pair Blue Deer Ice Cream’s delicious flavors like Rocky Road and Lemon Crunch with homemade cookies like Double Chocolate and Red Velvet for the perfect post-hike treat. Housed in the R.S. Reinhardt Building – a one-story building created in 1924 by Everett Greeley Pitts for a Lenoir business man, Mr. Reinhardt – Blue Deer Ice Cream is located in what was Blowing Rock’s first post office until 1944 and is three minutes from J.McLaughlin Blowing Rock. Take off your hiking shoes and grab an ice cream cookie sandwich next time you’re in town.



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Candy Kitchen

Bridgehampton, NY

Based in the heart of Bridgehampton since George Stavropoulus founded it in 1925, the Candy Kitchen has the most iconic homemade ice cream in the Hamptons. Gus Laggis bought the delectable restaurant in the summer of 1981 and has been running it with his family since, churning out sweet and creamy flavors like delicious Chocolate Marshmallow and unique Rum Raisin. Don’t forget to try one of their famous ice cream sodas – we recommend mixing Coffee with a scoop of Chocolate – for a quick walk down the block to J.McLaughlin Bridgehampton.



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Crazees Institute of Fine Ice Cream & Nuts

Rumson, NJ

Crazees Institute of Fine Ice Cream & Nuts lives up to its name. A tongue-and-cheek reference understood by locals and occasionally offensive to outsiders, the theme of Crazees was inspired by its founder John Mulheren – an infamous Wall Street billionaire whose eccentricity is reflected in the decorations of the shop and the crazy good ice cream. For the past thirty-one years the Mulheren family has been living up to the Crazees name with flavors like Elvis – banana and chocolate base ice cream with peanut butter swirl, oh my! – and Pralines and Cream – vanilla base ice cream with caramel swirl and candied pralines, yes please. It is also crazy close to J.McLaughlin Rumson – we’re just a block away!



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The Juice Bar

Nantucket, MA

The Juice Bar Nantucket has been the pillar of sweet treats on the island since first opening its doors in the 1970s. In 1980, it began doling out refreshing scoops of cold sugary goodness. Since Ron and Jackie Lefebvre purchased the store in 1999 and focused on creating homemade ice cream, people have been ferrying over from off island to line up around the corner for a delicious bite of this premier ice cream on Nantucket. Whether you’re visiting from the Cape, Martha’s Vineyard, or further out to sea, stop by J.McLaughlin Nantucket – we’re just a four minute walk down the street! – on your way back from this ice cream heaven. We recommend the Green Monster. ;)



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The Creole Creamery

New Orleans, LA

Offering everything from lavender honey to chocolate amaretto cheesecake flavors, The Creole Creamery harnesses the old-school charm of a traditional ice cream parlor in the heart of NOLA. Its offerings include everything from banana split sundaes to classic milkshakes. The unique flavors change by season, and you can always opt for the convenient four-scoop mini sampler if you want to try more than just one flavor. Suffice to say, The Creole Creamery is the perfect stop for a post-lunch sweet treat or a late-night snack. Plus, you can find New Orlean's J.McLaughlin a five-minute drive away from The Creole Creamery's uptown location on Prytania Street!



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The Bent Spoon 

Princeton, NJ

Crafting their ice cream with local and organic ingredients, The Bent Spoon is a must-visit spot to satisfy your sweet tooth cravings in Princeton. You won't want to skip original flavors such as Lavender Mascarpone and Lemon Dragon. If you want something for later, don't forget to pick up their chocolate and vanilla cupcakes, either. During the winter, locals also recommend taking a sip of The Bent Spoon's beloved hot chocolate. Whatever you end up getting, find Princeton's J.McLaughlin a brisk five minute walk away! 



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Lappert's Hawaii 

Wailea, HI

If you ever find yourself in Hawaii, Lappert's is a must-visit spot for locally made ice cream and sorbets — it's the perfect place to take a breather after you visit shops and enjoy the beach! As you browse the stores around The Shops of Wailea, you'll definitely be able to identify Lappert's by its heavenly waffle cone scent. Creamy and delicious ice cream favorites include the Caramel Coconut Macadamia Nut and the Kona Lava Java. More in the mood for a cup of joe? You won't want to skip their signature Kona coffee, either. Luckily, J.McLaughlin's Maui location is only steps away from Lappert's.



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Frosty Freez

Middletown, RI 

Enjoy a cone of Middletown's Frosty Freez on those warm summer days. First established in 1956, the local ice cream shop is beloved for its old-fashioned simplicity. You're in for a treat, whether you're picking up a cup, cone, sundae, shake, float, or freeze. Locals especially love Frosty Freez's soft-serve ice cream — get yourself a cone of coffee or chocolate and vanilla swirl! The location is also just a short drive away from spots such as Easton Beach and, of course, Newport's very own J.McLaughlin.



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Phoenix, AZ

Treat yourself on those hot summer days with freshly churned ice cream from Churn. Its dense, rich ice cream comes in a variety of flavors such as Vietnamese coffee, toasted coconut, Madagascar vanilla, and more. While you can get the classic scoop inside of a waffle cone, you'll also be able to order milkshakes, floats, sundaes, and ice cream sandwiches, too. (And don't forget to grab a baked good and coffee for later!) For a post-treat shopping trip, check out Phoenix's J.McLaughlin three miles away from Churn!



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Montecito, CA

Montecito is the perfect weekend getaway spot not only for its postcard ocean views but also for delicious ice cream from Rori's! The artisanal ice cream shop prides itself in its simple, no-frills approach: it's just locally sourced milk, cream, and other wholesome ingredients. Must-try flavors include the Biscoff for a subtle cookie texture and the Cup o' Joe Spinelli for smooth chocolate and espresso flavor. A short 10-minute drive away, stop by Montecito's J.McLaughlin after indulging in a sweet treat. 


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