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Linen: More than a Summer Essential

We’ve all heard of linen. It’s used to make everything. From clothing to curtains and tablecloths, linen’s versatility has easily made its way into J.McLaughlin’s everyday wardrobe staples. 


While linen clothing has long been a favorite fabric for summer months thanks to its porous nature and moisture-wicking properties, it’s a luxe and versatile fabric that can be styled and worn all year long. Keep reading for effortless ways to incorporate your linen pieces into outfits for any time of the year. 



1. Linen Dresses

Linen dresses are summer essentials. They’re easy to wear and help keep you cool when temperatures rise. Dresses are wardrobe pieces that can be dressed up or down depending on the accessories worn with it. For cooler months, focus less on the accessories and more on the layers of clothing that can be added to transition your dress. A cardigan is a classy layer that can be worn over a linen dress in the fall. Wraps and ponchos are another light layer that can be worn stylishly over a dress. As the weather chills even more, add a coat over a sweater or wrap, and pair your dress with boots for a chic and warm look.



2. Linen Shirts

The linen shirt is perhaps the most versatile linen piece you can own. After wearing your linen shirt with a skirt or shorts all summer long, begin pairing it with denim jeans come fall. To wear linen in the winter, simply add a coat, wrap, or blazer for a pulled together look. Layering your winter wardrobe means that you can remove outerwear when indoors and your linen shirt will still keep you comfortable and stylish.



3. Linen Pants

While pants aren’t usually associated with warmer months, linen pants are the exception. A pair of linen pants look refined and aren’t quite as heavy a material as denim. To wear linen pants year-round, simply pair with a sweater on top. A pullover or turtleneck are exceptionally warm and cozy options. Add a pair of sneakers and your linen pants are ready to be worn all winter long. Top off your outfit with a coat, scarf, and a beanie for maximum heat.e outerwear when indoors and your linen shirt will still keep you comfortable and stylish.



4. Linen Jackets

A linen jacket will be your best friend come cooler months. Use your linen jacket as a layering piece over dresses or tops. Button your jacket all the way up and wear it with a skirt as a thicker top. Pairing a linen jacket with linen pants is another option for maximizing your linen pieces. Add a scarf, coat, or hat to add extra layers of heat. 



Once you invest in J. McLaughlin linen pieces you’ll want to wear each of them throughout the year. Learn how to wear linen in the winter and love it by layering thicker pieces. For those who enjoy creating an unexpected and unique look with their outfits, the chance to incorporate linen into a winter wardrobe will make for a satisfying take on typical winter wear. Extend the possibilities of your linen collection by layering it and styling it to your liking for a cool twist on warm weather clothing.