Meet Robin of Verry Robin Co.

Verry Robin Co.Verry Robin Co.

We first fell in love with Robin Verrier’s, of Verry Robin Co, moodboards over Instagram and had her style two chic-as-can-be boards with our spring product; a tropical escape and a pastel floral beauty


Our July collection has arrived and we couldn’t resist seeing the midsummer collection through Robin’s eyes. Below, our collaboration with the tastemaker and moodboard stylist extraordinaire highlighting our two biggest trends for July, Indigo and Fresh Neutrals, as seen in our July Style Guide. Here we are picking Robin’s brain on all things style, color and summer fun.

Tell us about your famous mood boards…


You know it’s funny, I never thought there would be such a response to them like there has been. It’s been amazing! I started creating mood boards years ago to help brainstorm for projects that I was working on and I just thought one day, “maybe I should just share a few...”  And that was that! I honestly didn’t think people would care a whole lot about them. But as they’ve morphed over the years (as I have) they’ve truly taken on a life of their own. 


I’ve found that they’ve become a way to express myself too. Like most art, it’s a platform where I can convey my thoughts/feelings and emotions in an avenue that is, at times, more powerful than words. The thing that I love most about them is the feedback that I get. I’ve gotten messages and emails over the years at how mooved people are by them and that is the whole point. I think that’s one of the cool things about being an artist is that I can move people.  


How and when did you begin telling brand stories through styling & photography?


I used to be a stylist and photographer for a magazine and it truly was the platform that made me realize my talents and passions and that there was so much for me out in the world. It was a great starting point because I realized what I LOVED to do and that there is a real need for it in the retail industry. I literally put in my two weeks and took the plunge and here I am 4 years later with my business: Verry Robin & Co. 


There used to be (and there still are) big branding agencies that  would work with companies to help them with all of their marketing and advertising needs. (Styling/photography and art direction included.) And the business I’ve created is a lot smaller and more personal. It’s just me styling and photographing and working with brands on art direction as well as other professionals I work with for other needs like graphic design, videography, web design and so on. It’s like a little creative family if you will. 

What are your go-to spots in Charlottesville? 

Oh man, how much time do you have? Ok, so there are SO MANY amazing places to visit, eat, shop and sleep but here are just a few of my faves: 


For Food: Bodos, Marie Bette, Now and Zen, Mas Tapas, Alley Light, Foods of all Nations, Ivy Inn


Shop: Louise, SCARPA, Folly, Eloise, Darling Boutique, New Dominion BookShop, Ivy Nursery, Annette LaVelle Antiques, Laurie Holladay Shop (the last two are just outside of Charlottesville in Gordonsville and so worth a visit!)   


Sleep: Kewsick, Boars Head Resort, Quirk Hotel 

Favorite prop to style with.. 


Shells, coral and fresh flowers. (Forever and ever)


Your ultimate summer escape?


Honestly, not doing a lot of traveling at the moment so my family's beach house in OBX, NC is always the absolute best! But if there were no such a thing as a global pandemic (wouldn’t that be wonderful?) I’d probably go to Switzerland with my husband. (We sadly had to cancel a ski trip there right when Covid hit but it will still be there for fun visits later!) 


Summer Style in three words:


Colorful, Comfortable, Cool 


J.McLaughlin pieces you're wearing on repeat: 


The Bella sandals in Navy forever and ever


J.McLaughlin stand-out statement piece:


The Victoria Wicker Bag in color block


Where have you been getting your inspiration?


The answer to this will always be nature. I think it’s the biggest inspiration we can ever have here on this gorgeous planet of ours. 


What is your summer morning routine?


Throw some cold water on my face and pat dry, brush my teeth and then do a nice layer of SPF. This is always the beginning of a great day! (Coffee’s next - duh!) 



Describe your philosophy on color: 


You know it’s funny, I don’t really have one. I just know that I love color deeply and it helps convey moods and feelings in just about every aspect of my life. It’s also really important in the work that I do so I’m constantly playing with it, studying it and mixing new shades together. Color is such a powerful thing so I sometimes get different swatches together in a small journal and keep track of different combinations that I love and what I love about them. 


Three guests you’d invite to a dinner party tonight: 


Ina Garten, Elon Musk, Michelle Obama 


What is your centerpiece for said dinner party:


Lots of fresh flowers and various bowls of colorful fruit


What are you serving:


Line-Caught Wild Salmon with lemon. A tomato, mozzarella and basil salad with a balsamic glaze, roasted fingerling potatoes with herbs, lots of fresh watermelon and a big cheese plate! My Mother in Law’s insanely delicious Key Lime Pie would be for dessert! (Yes, now I’m drooling…)