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Women's Golf Fashion: What to Wear


Whether it’s your first time on the course or you’ve already perfected your swing, you may have questions about the ins and outs of proper golf attire. A good rule of thumb is that most municipal golf courses have relaxed dress codes, while private ones may request more formal collared or tucked shirts. At the end of the day, both casual and country club outfits should be comfortable and breathable. If you’re wondering what women wear to golf or how you can step up your sartorial game on the course, you’re not alone. Ahead, we’ll take you through how to put together a golf outfit so that you can stay sporty chic on the playing field.


Court Cap Sleeve Performance Polo


Prep It Up With a Performance Polo


So, what is proper golf attire? The basic golf outfit for women typically starts with the tried-and-true polo. While these shirts are known for their practicality and comfort, they can also be stylish and sophisticated. Slip into a cap sleeve polo in a subtly playful pattern to add a punch of personality or keep it classic in white or navy. 


Of course, polos aren’t the only blouses you can enjoy while playing. A collared polo is a reliable go-to if you’re not sure about what to wear golfing, but other blouse options can work as well. (If you’re unsure, you can always check with your golf course’s dress rules!) When it’s colder outside, slip into a 3/4 sleeve top for your go-to look on the range. For warmer days, a chic sleeveless top can also be versatile for daily non-sport activities, whether you’re running errands or strolling around the park after your game.  

Find the Perfect Skort  


You have all kinds of choices when it comes to bottoms for golf outfits — shorts and skirts are timeless choices. Combine the best of both worlds with a skort that's not only chic but also suitable for all your winning golf maneuvers. Skorts embrace the femininity of skirts and have the practicality of built-in shorts to keep you covered. Make a statement with geometric prints or go for a neutral white. Don't forget the details, either: we especially love a skort with zippered pockets to keep our belongings in place!

Palm Spring Skort


Kylie Polarized Sunglasses in Marble


Grab a Jacket and Accessories Before Taking a Swing


On chilly days, slip into a fitted zip-up performance jacket to keep cozy. Golfing on a sunny day? Bring along a pair of shades to protect your eyes. If you're expecting glare, grab polarized sunglasses to keep everything in focus as you putter away. also be versatile for daily non-sport activities, whether you’re running errands or strolling around the park after your game.  


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