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Below, four incredible women share why they’re wearing pink this October.

Photograph by Noel Volpe

Name: Mandy Speers Volpe


Location: New York City


About: Wildlife photographer with a deep respect for animals and nature. Art Director. Arctic Explorer. 


Why I’m Wearing Pink This October:

I wear pink as a reminder to do breast self-exams on the first day of every month. I wear pink as a reminder to do your yearly mammogram. Because a mammogram saved my life. I wear pink to honor those currently going through treatment.


After a routine mammogram in 2017, I was diagnosed with triple-negative breast cancer at the age of 44. There is no history of breast cancer in my family so the news was anything but easy to process. I detailed my journey on social media as a way to help others who were going through treatment. If I could help answer questions or remove some anxiety about what actually happens when you receive chemotherapy then I was doing the right thing. My journey led me to a diverse community of cancer survivors and thrivers from all over the world. I learned - simply - that there is no reason for anyone to go through breast cancer alone.


After 20 weeks of aggressive chemotherapy and an elective double mastectomy, I entered remission and have remained cancer-free for more than 3 years. I try to celebrate life every day and find its perfect moments. To remind me of this, I have a small tattoo on my right arm that says what it needs to say, AND ON WE GO…


Photograph by Daphne Youree

Name: Jacqueline Gregg


Location: New York City


About: New York-based actor. One of my favorite gigs is my work with Only Make Believe, a non-profit arts organization that creates and performs interactive theatre for children in hospitals and other care facilities. Marathon runner and Hiker.


Why I’m Wearing Pink This October:

I'm wearing pink this month in celebration of all the women and men who have come out on the other side of breast cancer.  My mother is a two-time survivor and I have other family members and friends who have fought and won the battle. I am wearing pink for myself, summoning their strength and courage, as I prepare to get into the ring. 


Mine is a familiar story; I felt a lump, I scheduled my screening, the doctor recommended a biopsy, and I received my diagnosis. Though my breast cancer was caught very early, my initial feelings ran the gamut from fear to anger to hurt. I even had a "why me" moment. But then I thought, why NOT me? So what I work out regularly?  So what I eat well? (except for the occasional bag of Doritos) I'm not special!


People ask me how I'm doing. I'm inspired! I'm inspired by the examples of all the awesome survivors and I am inspired by my amazing circle of family and friends who are loving and supporting me through my journey. 

I want to encourage you to take your breast health into your own hands, literally. If you feel something, do something. Schedule your screenings. Encourage your friends and family to keep up with their screenings!


Photograph by Daphne Youree

Name: Gina de Givenchy


Location: New York City


About: Gina de Givenchy lives in New York City with her daughter, Stella and their ridiculously adorable dog Lucy. 


Created from a need, a want,  and a wish, surviving cancer compelled her to launch GEEG in 2018. GEEG is Givenchy’s take on chic, understated everyday headwear in a range of styles for all women including and supporting those facing complete hair loss to regrowth. A portion of every GEEG purchase is donated to non-profit organizations.


For more on GEEG, click here


Why I’m Wearing Pink This Month:

Pink signifies HOPE to me. Its inspiring warmth gives me a sense that everything will be okay. I believe now, more than ever, we all need this feeling of comfort on so many levels. As a survivor myself, I’m blessed and proud to stand and represent so many that have this shared experience.


Photograph by Mark Staff

Name: Suzanne Pollak


Location: SC in the cutest little pink house in downtown Charleston


About: Founder and Dean of the Charleston Academy of Domestic Pursuits. The Academy celebrates all the possibilities of home, making the world a better place one cocktail at a time, one party at a time, one connection at a time, all from home. 


Why I’m Wearing Pink This Month:

The scariest part of breast cancer was going through cancer as a single person, not knowing how vulnerable I would be or what I would need. But then, angels alighted from all over, some old friends, some brand new, all helping me in every way imaginable. I wondered where they parked their wings. I was able to let myself accept help because I had to. I felt love and respect from so many that that energy became part of my deep healing. I just had my one year check up October 1 which brings me to my advice: Do not do what I did and wait 10 years to go to a doctor.