A new season needs a new mindset, a new joie de vivre, and a new wardrobe. We sat down with British Vogue’s resident astrologer Alice Bell to see what’s in the stars for the autumn ahead from personal goals to the style aesthetic to embrace.

August 24 - September 23 

Fall Horoscope: You will be making your own goals a priority this fall, Virgo. You might be reflecting on what image you want to project, and you could also be comfortable spending time alone, discovering new interests you never knew you had. In addition, you might be attracting new opportunities or relationships into your life, as other people will be drawn to your newfound sense of confidence. 


Style Aesthetic: Investment Wardrobe. You’re smart about how you shop, and you like to have a lot of staple pieces which you can mix and match with the rest of your wardrobe. For fall, you may want a neutral pair of slacks or a wool coat.



Invest In Your Wardrobe:


September 24 - October 23

Fall Horoscope: You will need extra time for rest this fall, Libra. You may want to keep to yourself, and you will be prioritizing your mental health by reflecting on your emotions or releasing any mindsets, relationships, or situations that aren’t serving you. You could also take up an interest in spiritual type activities like meditation, yoga, or studying astrology, or you may get more involved in community service and helping other people.


Style Aesthetic: Fun & Social. Strengthening your relationships is very important to you, so you like to have clothing that can easily transition from work to a dinner out with friends. For fall, you will want printed dresses or a cropped jacket that you can throw on over anything.



Be Fun & Social


October 24 - November 22

Fall Horoscope: You will be a social butterfly this fall, Scorpio. Friends might be reaching out to you, wanting to connect, and you could have numerous group events to attend. You may also want to make the effort to branch out of your usual circle and meet new people, and you could feel like you have the support of other people in reaching your hopes and dreams for the future.

Style Aesthetic: Modern Minimalist. You don’t love to draw attention to yourself, but your style always comes across as chic and pulled together. You prefer darker colored clothing in flattering silhouettes, like a fitted leather jacket or little black dress.



For The Modern Minimalist:


November 23 - December 21

Fall Horoscope: You will be seeing bigger career developments take place this fall, Sagittarius. You might be taking on additional responsibilities at your job, or you could even be starting a new role. You may also be thinking about your long term career goals and what is worth putting effort into, or you may be assuming a leadership position in another area of your life.


Style Aesthetic: Boho Luxe. Your wardrobe is usually a bit eclectic, and you like to experiment with different styles and prints. For fall, you may want to opt for swingy midi dresses, puffy sleeved blouses, and over the knee boots.



Boho Luxe:


December 22 - January 20

Fall Horoscope: You will be expanding your knowledge of the world this fall, Capricorn. You might be traveling internationally and experiencing different cultures, or you may want to learn about a specific subject in depth by taking a course or online workshop. In addition, you may have the inspiration to write or teach, or you could be reflecting on your core life beliefs and bigger picture topics.

Style Aesthetic: A Little Prep. Your personal style is traditional, and you like to splurge on pieces that you know will stand the test of time. You may love a classic button down shirt, a pencil skirt, or a cashmere wrap coat. 



A Little Prep:


January 21 - February 19

Fall Horoscope: You will be focused on self improvement this fall, Aquarius. You may be doing a lot of internal reflection, and you could want to read books on psychology or self help. You will also be figuring out how to open up emotionally and be vulnerable with the people in your life. On the other hand, you might be saving more money or bringing in passive income.

Style Aesthetic: Quirky/Trendsetter. You like to take risks with your style, and you often own pieces that no one else has. For fall, you may want to experiment with printed trousers and sweaters, or a colorful neck scarf.



For The Trendsetter:


February 20 - March 20

Fall Horoscope: You will be focused on your close relationships this fall, Pisces. You may be getting some much needed time away with your romantic partner, or you may be further committing to one another. If you’re single, you will want to put yourself out there and go on dates. In addition, you might be turning to your good friends for their advice and perspectives.

Style Aesthetic: Colorful. You have a naturally creative side, and you like to use color to boost your mood. For fall you might be drawn to sweaters and corduroy pants in shades of pink, turquoise, green, or amethyst.



A Pop Of Color: