We will be featuring American artist Holland Cunningham at our Madison Avenue store from September 23rd to October 31st. Join us in celebrating her original works. 


“In essence I intend to create a new story formed from the lives of others” says Cunningham.

Holland Cunningham in her studio wearing the Fanning Jacket and the Flannery Shirt.

Holland Cunningham is an American artist who uses various materials including oil, water-based media, photography, and animation to create her works. 


Voltz Clarke Gallery describes Holland Cunningham’s work as “inspired by her surroundings and her passion for plein air painting is evident in her classically inspired pieces. Holly Cunningham’s attention to color is translated into conceptual abstractions that capture her own environment in a special and timeless way.”

Holland Cunningham in her studio wearing the Liberty Dress.

Holland Cunningham’s Lines featured at Voltz Clarke Gallery.

Holland Cunningham’s Five Umbrellas featured at Voltz Clarke Gallery.

“I am an avid collector of discarded photography and slides that I see not as mere images frozen in time, but as something that is still happening. I do not limit myself to simply looking at the information but rather thinking of the individuals or scene as they actually are.” says Cunningham.


 Holland Cunningham’s Tent (Oxford) featured at Voltz Clarke Gallery.

“I am not only the spectator but also the protagonist or player in the scene or moment captured. I aim to take the banality of the photograph or slide and through my own ideas and imagination create new associations” says Cunningham.


Holly at the Voltz Clarke Gallery this summer.