Need some inspiration to spruce up your 2022 wellness routine? We turned to none other than Tammy Fender—a trailblazer in the holistic movement towards natural, plant-based luxury skincare and well rounded  living. Her revolutionary health and healing has attracted thousands to Tammy’s West Palm Beach spa to experience her remedies for mind+body care.

We were lucky enough to sit down with Tammy to hear how her self-care routine has shaped her lifestyle–and her ways to glow both inside and out.


1. What is your idea of the perfect start to the day for 2022?

My morning routine is pretty consistent—and it really feeds the rest of my day. While the house is still quiet, I spend my first hour in meditation. I drink water with lemon to help alkalize my system, encouraging the body’s detoxification process. And I always make time to walk through the garden with my youngest, Savi, before we start the day, gathering herbs for morning tea, whether Lemon Balm, Tulsi or Butterfly Pea. 


2. How do you get your external glow? What is your current routine?

In the morning, sometimes I skip cleansing my face—I love to use floral toner (Bulgarian Rose Water) in place of a cleanser, sweeping the skin clean. I tap some Awakening Eye Gel around my eyes. It’s so cooling and the scent is really light and bright. Then I apply Plant Milk serum, pressing a dropper-full into the skin. It’s made with traditional plant remedies such as White Lily and Mountain Arnica which soothe, nurture and protect the skin. It gives a soft dewy finish. If my skin is feeling dry, I finish with a little Intensive Repair Balm, just sealing everything in and enveloping the skin in a silky veil. 


Tammy’s Plant Milk serum


3. How do you get your internal glow?

It’s all connected, of course. My philosophy is that beauty comes from within, and eating whole, nourishing foods, and maintaining holistic practices like yoga and meditation, as well as spending time laughing with my family, are all a part of that holistic lifestyle. 


4. What products does every person need in their routine?

It’s hard to play favorites! But right now, so often in the treatment room I find myself recommending Plant Milk serum. It’s full of every soothing calming remedy known to traditional herbalism. It helps people who have sensitive skin bring relief and peace to the complexion and it helps relieve mask irritation. It’s a beautiful de-stressing treatment and the skin just drinks it in.



Tammy’s spa in West Palm Beach


6. Are you embracing any particular foods or ingredients?

For me right now, I’m loving Ylang Ylang. It’s a key ingredient in Rose Geranium & Tangerine Body Lotion, and is known not only for the nutritive benefits it brings to the skin, but for its incredible soothing effects. 


7. We know you love to wear white, any particular reason?

I wear white almost every day, which feels so good living in the Florida heat. But for me wearing white also helps me feel centered and creates a sense of peace. 




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