Favorite Place to Grab Coffee

“My morning go-to is Eat Here Now, a classic diner that’s the breakfast version of Cheers,” says Kevin. “It’s a block from our home, on Lexington between 63rd and 64th, so I stop there on my way to work. I have a standing order of scrambled eggs and sliced avocado, so I call ahead and Veronica, the waitress who knows every customer by name, brings it out to the car for me.”

“Years ago, I studied in Paris and lived on Île St. Louis, so I love all things French,” says Barbara. “Most mornings, I walk down Park Avenue and stop at Café Bilboquet on 60th between Park and Madison. I always order a café au lait and while I do my best to resist the blueberry scones, I usually end up channeling my inner French girl and enjoying every bite.”

Favorite Place for a Celebratory Dinner

“Barbara and I love Vinegar Hill House in Brooklyn,” says Kevin. “Sandwiched between DUMBO and the former Brooklyn Navy Yard officers’ quarters on a cobblestone street lined with 19th-century houses, this tiny restaurant feels like it could be in an old industrial town in the Catskills.” Adds Barbara, “Everything is delicious, from the refreshing smoked rhubarb spritz cocktail to the entrees served in cast iron pots and the signature Guinness chocolate cake.”


For a Consistent Great Meal

“Thanks to all my favorite culinary experts, I’m proud to say that you can always find a consistent great meal in my kitchen,” says Barbara. “This fall, I’ll be taking online classes again with Suzanne Pollak, dean of the Charleston Academy of Domestic Pursuits. Check out the class schedule and join me! And, lately, I’ve been relying on recipes from the great food writers at The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, and the Financial Times. I love choosing a recipe, shopping for locally-grown fall vegetables and fruit at the Union Square Greenmarket, and setting the table with my favorite pieces I’ve collected over the years.”


Favorite Place to Discover New Things

“As my family and Instagram friends well know, I’m #alwaysreading,” says Barbara. “I love finding new novels and cookbooks at The Corner Bookstore on Madison and 93rd Street in Carnegie Hill. “For me, the best place to discover new things is at home in our library,” adds Kevin. “We have shelves filled with well-thumbed books about architecture, fashion and interiors including the new S is for Style from Schumacher, so while Barbara reads, I look at the pictures and get inspired.”

Barbara wears the Annette sweater, Emmie jeans, and Angelique sneakers.

Must-See New York Institution and Iconic Spot

“By any measure, New York’s train stations are iconic,” says Kevin. “Even though I’ve lived here my entire life, I still find it thrilling to stand in the center of a terminal and watch the endless flow of people coming in and out of the city. The new Moynihan Train Hall at Penn Station is one of the best things to happen to New York in recent history while Grand Central Terminal, with its massive windows and soaring ceiling with hand-painted constellations, never ceases to amaze me.”

Barbara wears the Arlette turtleneck, Ivy pant, and Angelique sneakers.

If You're Only in New York For a Few Days

“You must go to Frick Madison on Madison at 75th Street for several reasons,” says Barbara. “First, because the selection, which includes works of art by Fragonard, Rembrandt, Vermeer, Whistler and other pieces from the Frick’s collection, is breathtaking. Second, because it’s in the former Whitney Museum, designed in 1966 by Marcel Breuer, so the juxtaposition of the art and architecture is magnificent. And third, Frick Madison is only temporary while the Frick’s galleries on East 70th are being renovated, so carpe diem!”


Hidden Treasure

“Located just off 5th Avenue between 104th and 106th Streets, Central Park’s Conservatory Garden is a little off the beaten path but well worth the walk,” says Barbara. “It’s gorgeous in any season but in the fall, when the chrysanthemums come into their own, it’s spectacular.”


For a September Stroll

Stroll along Park Avenue between 52nd and 56th, stopping to experience nine kinetic sculptures by the late George Rickey, one of the most inventive sculptors of the 20th century,” says Barbara. “The sculptures, which move with the wind, are presented by the Sculpture Advisory Committee of The Fund for Park Avenue, NYC Parks and Kasmin, and they will be in situ through mid-November. For more information about the exhibition and interactive tours, visit Rickey NYC and Rickey Kids.


Barbara is wearing the Angelique sneakers and the Lexi jeans. Complete the look with the Bedford sleeveless top.

New York Style to Me is...

”I think the essence of New York style is a nuanced, understated individuality,” says Kevin. “It’s about dressing down to go out, mixing functional integrity with luxury. I find it in the women around the city who pair blue jeans with a white broadcloth shirt, an extraordinary belt and good shoes. I see it in the well-chosen white sneaker, a piece that effortlessly bridges the gap between athleisure and cashmere. It’s in the perfect rain hat from the Army Navy store, unlined deerskin work gloves from the hardware store and slickers worn by construction workers. It’s everywhere in New York, but it doesn’t exist anywhere else in the world in the same way.”


What I'm Wearing This Fall

Here are Barbara’s picks from the J. McLaughlin September Style Guide:


  • The Watson Pant and the Arlette Turtleneck. This combination is my go-to fall uniform!
  • The Emmie Jean in black. I already have the denim and white Emmie jeans and I love the fit!
  • The gray Amaya pants. I love the muted gray hue with navy, black and chocolate brown.
  • The Angelique suede sneaker, all day long, with everything from leggings to velvet jeans.