With August days slowly passing us by and weekly farmer’s market visits an absolute must—we’re coveting vivid late summer blooms.

Maybe it’s just us, but we’re looking to bring meaning and incorporate joy to every little thing we do right now, including the flowers we’re picking. So as a little token of hope and strength, we did a deeper dive into the significance of each petaled wonder too.  

Below, in season blooms, their meaning, and a J.McLaughlin style to match nature’s colors.


Meaning: Dahlias are said to symbolize inner strength, grace, adventure, and new beginnings. 


We hate to pick favorites, but late summer Dahlias are petaled works of art via Mother Nature. 

In a spectrum of vivid shades— burgundy, orange, pink—Dahlias bring that beautiful punch of pop to any flower arrangement.

J.McLaughlin Style: The Margaux Sweater in Euro Fuschia reminds us a blooming Dahlia, saturated in deep pink.


Meaning: Gladioli are said to symbolize faithfulness and remembrance.


Nicknamed “glads” and “sword lilies” by flower aficionados— gladioli are loved for their tall stature (quite regal in a vase) and colorful blooming flowers. Pick your favorite hue—varieties of glads come in shades of rich purple’y red, white, pink, and more.

J.McLaughlin Style: As easy as a sunny summer day, the Ellison is effortless in the prettiest shade of pink.


Meaning: Aster flowers are said to symbolize patience and elegance. 


For the wildflowers among us—the purple petaled beauties look a little like a daisy, a little like a star-shaped flower, Asters are known for attracting butterflies and bees.

J.McLaughlin Style: Our best-selling cotton Jamey, reminds us of Aster in this glorious shade of blue’ish purple.