Charleston Chic: Suzanne Pollak, our host of J.McLaughlin Summer photographed by Mark Staff

An Entertaining Collaboration with Suzanne Pollak

Sparkling summer cocktails in chilled glasses, your closest friends mingling amongst dragonflies and bite-sized hor’s d'oeuvres, farmer’s market blooms that match your botanical print dress, that match your napkins, that somehow magically match your notecards as well.  

It’s A Match: Our botanical napkins and stationery make a statement.

This was the actual dreaming behind J.McLaughlin’s latest collaboration with entertaining maven and dean and co-founder of the Charleston Academy of Domestic Pursuits, Suzanne Pollak.


A recipe connoisseur, author, and all-around party genius— when Pollak mentioned to J.McLaughlin Creative Director and Co-founder Kevin McLaughlin that she wished she had a dress that matched her fête essentials, we knew we had to make it come true. 

"I love being around Suzanne. Her energy is contagious, I can’t help but feel better every time I see her. Collaborating with was a natural fit—she always wears J.McLaughlin and looks fabulous—it's about time her entertaining essentials do too,” says Kevin McLaughlin.


We’ve deemed Suzanne our official host of summer, and in the coming weeks our channels will be sprinkled with Suzanne’s party tricks, tips, and recipes."

The Host of Summer: Suzanne is the epitome of a summer night’s dream.

So put on your favorite album (a Suzanne-approved playlist is below), get dressed, and celebrate the season that always brings us all together—after all, a summer party is an entertainer’s dream.