We love Jane's classic sense of style and her passion for philanthropy are exactly what make her such a wonderful fit for our brand. Her presence lights up the pages of our February Catalog, and it was a pleasure working with her. In true J.McL fashion, she dresses to be comfortable and reaches for the core basics of any uniform--jeans, t-shirts, and cashmere sweaters in neutral shades that lend themselves to layering, mixing, and pop with fun prints, at any age.

"When you're 65, it makes you feel good and confident when you're comfortable in what you're wearing."

"Well, I love the Tripp Coat ! It is just so comfortable and works for day and night."

“I also love the Lexi Jeans . They fit so well and they have deep pockets! A lot of jeans today have such small pockets that you can barely fit anything in them.”

Her other favorites include the Ember cahsmere sweater and the Masie Pants. "I wore those pants one night to dinner with a brown suede jacket, cashmere sweater, and pearls. It was a clean, simple look, but people really flipped out over those pants. They loved them, and I felt so comfortable in them, which made the entire look that much better."

You can find her sporting her newest favorite, the Wellington Coat, in the February catalog. "That coat is the kind of thing I would wear with either jeans and a sweater for a low-key look, but it would also look great over a navy dress and pair of heels. It can be dressed down or dressed up, but the print and pop of color will make a statement either way you wear it." 

Not only is Jane a model and real estate agent, but she's also heavily involved in her community, having devoted much of her time over the years to philanthropic work at the Evelyn Alexander Wildlife Rescue Center in Hampton Bays. "That place holds my heart. Being with wildlife and educating the community about the importance of coexisting with wildlife is one of my true passions, which is why I've worked so hard to combine my real estate life, my love for modeling, and my devotion to this center." Given her passion for birds and other wildlife, it's no surprise that one of her favorite parts of the shoot was when the team participated in the sport of falconry. "Having the opportunity to do something fun and outside of the box, like falconry, while also shooting a catalog, speaks a lot to the J.McLaughlin brand." "I felt like we were one big family. We all went out to dinner and then the next day as we were shooting everyone was helping one another and working together. If you can allow the crew and models to really get to know one another and spend time together, the entire process is much more relaxed and natural. Those interactions and sense of ease truly come across in the photos. That's how you convey authentic lifestyle.""To stand in front of a camera at my age and feel totally at ease is truly remarkable. It is so important that the models themselves are happy and confident in the product you want to sell. It allows the consumers to envision themselves in the clothes, living that lifestyle."