In Focus: Photographer Matt Albiani photographed by Jessica Dalene Photography

There are some photographs that transport you—be it a summer moment or a seaside escape. 


When it came to our July Style Guide, a collection inspired by the saltwater days and nights of midsummer— we knew we had to turn to one of our favorites—seasoned Montauk and NYC-based photographer, Matt Albiani. 


Photographed at his modern rustic cottage getaway, Sea Roost, Albiani brought our new collection to life with sandy dunes, beach breezes, and a relaxed summer eye, but he doesn’t spend all of his days behind-the-lens.


Albiani has a portfolio of creative endeavors aplenty—including Montecito nautical-inspired gem (and online boutique), Mate Gallery, his joint collaboration with Ron Brand—full of vintage finds and their legendary Sun Burn candle which you can find in many a J.McLaughlin employee’s offices. He’s also the owner and designer behind Montauk’s modern rustic sea cottages Sea Roost, that are the epitome of a breath of fresh air. 


But back to those candles—we fell so deeply in love with Sun Burn’s lingering scent of sandalwood and cedar that we’ve created a new exclusive candle with Mate Gallery. 



Meet Summer House, our limited- edition collaboration candle that evokes the scent of summer all year-long— with a splash of salt water, sunscreen, and faint hint of orange blossom  (available at select J.McLaughlin Resort locations).

Below, our friend Matt Albiani shares the art of the summer well-spent, the best place to watch a Montauk sunset, and the PBS documentary everyone should tune into should a rainstorm hit in the middle of a July night.

J.McLaughlin July, Photographed by Matt Albiani


Matt Albiani









Be Kind 



Give Up 


Sea Change: Matt Albiani photographed by Jessica Dalene Photography

My 2021 Summer Vibe: 

Slow time down 

Hidden Treasure: The Montauk shelves of Sea Roost, Photograph by Matt Albiani


Every problem has a solution 


The Mate Gallery x  J.McLaughlin Summer House Candle Smells Like: 

A Walk to the Beach 

Come On Baby, Light My Candle: Our Summer House Candle available at select J.McLaughlin resort locations.

What You’ll Always Find In My Montauk House:

 American Flags and Driftwood 

American Beauty, photograph by Matt Albiani from Mate Gallery Instagram

My Song of Summer:

 “Boys of Summer” Don Henley 


My Summer Essentials: 

Coppertone and Persols 


On A Summer Sunday Afternoon You Can Find Me… 

Hopefully, at Sea Roost

Never Did I Think I Would… 

ever be a Photographer 


Must Watch: 

The Hemingway Documentary on PBS 

Must Watch: The Importance of Being Ernest...Hemingway

Newest Discovery: 

Lab Social in Santa Barbara


Favorite Indulgence: 

Le Labo, Thé Noir 


Favorite Local Restaurants: 

The Clam Bar and The Hideaway 

Wish You Were Here: Hideaway, Montauk 

When You’re In Montauk You Must…

Catch the sunset at the Montauket 

When I Need Inspiration I: 

Close my eyes 

Indigo, Always: A summer day at Sea Roost photographed by Matt Albiani

Favorite Item Currently At Mate Gallery

Vintage Indigo Mud cloths from Africa 


Favorite Photograph I’ve Ever Taken: 

All of the people in my LIFEGUARD ON DUTY book