Upper East Side Elegance: Tori In Her NYC Apartment

Photo: Daphne Youree 

This month’s of the moment is the epitome of a woman who embodies the spirit of joie de vivre. Meet Schumacher’s quick-witted Style Director, interior expert, seasoned magazine editor, Instagram personality (her account is the perfect blend of interior candy and irreverent humor) and all around design guru, Tori Mellott.


 Below, Tori talks about everything from the joy of being a Mother to two adorable twin girls to why she’s begun collecting murano and venetian glass. Also, her go-to Schumacher pattern, love of french fries, and floral chintz! 


Name: Tori Mellott



Style Director at Schumacher, career magazine editor, mother, sister, daughter, girlfriend.


Pattern Play: A peek inside a wallpapered powder room on Schumacher’s Instagram account 

Photo by Emily Gilbert


Upper East Side, New York City



A wise man, whose name escapes me, once said “The only way out is through.” And dammit it hurts sometimes but it’s better than avoiding (which is my natural inclination).



Be kind, smile, floss, be on time (although this one is becoming increasingly harder the older I get!), tell your mom you love her, and never underestimate the power of a floral chintz!



Lose your temper and never change yourself for anyone and wear chic tennis shoes instead of heels if you need to – don’t force the heels!!!

Chintz Forever: From Tori’s Instagram, 

Photo by Arthur Elgort for Vogue Italia

My Personal Style: 

1 part girlie and 1 part preppy with a dash of bohemian thrown in for good measure.  


The Best Part of Working at Schumacher:

There is never a dull moment and the executives push you to your fullest potential. It’s fun being challenged and put to the test!  Plus I feel like I’ve unofficially graduated from business school, so I am happy about that!


Any Quick Design Tips:

 Use a stripe in every room. Always choose a bigger mirror over a smaller one. Get creative with art; instead of buying ugly pieces that you dislike, either off the internet or from a big box store, get creative with printing the art you love and working with the professionals on the matting, framing, and hanging. Use actual durable fabrics on your heavily trafficked areas – not just prints on linen!  (beautiful but sometimes impractical!)

The Stripe: A look inside Tori’s cozy chic living room

Photo by Daphne Youree

When I Need Inspiration, I…

Look at books, magazines, Pinterest, Instagram, catalogs, nature, people, museums…the list is endless!


The Best Part Of Being A Mother…

Is seeing joy on the face of my children when they’ve accomplished something or reached a goal.  And they’re in the stage where they like to make cards – I get an “I love you, Mommy” card almost every day and I have saved every single one.  I cannot nor will not part with any of them!


My Favorite Interview That I’ve Done:

I interviewed my current boss, Dara Caponigro about five years ago when I was an editor at Traditional Home, and that was the best article I’ve ever written. I got to write about someone who I have looked up to for years!  I typically dread writing, I really dislike it, but I enjoyed every second of it! And getting to write about Dara’s day-to-day - someone who I deeply admire - was the ultimate treat!

Most Fascinating Aspect Of Talking To Interior Designers:

That they’re all so smart – brilliant, actually. Great designers approach projects from a really cerebral place; they are able to meld their clients’ needs and wants into a symphony of beauty!


The Best Piece Of Career Advice:

“You can’t be all things to all people.”  - Elizabeth Blitzer (Close friend and superstar publicist).


The Best Piece Of Life Advice:

 “If you have to say it out loud then it’s not really true.”  - Elizabeth Blitzer (Close friend and superstar publicist).


Never Did I Think I Would…

Have lived in NYC for almost 25 years and start moisturizing my face.  Oh wait, that’s not true, I still don’t moisturize my face.

Style Star: Tori wears J.McLaughlin Chambray ShirtWhite Emmie Jeans, and Raffia Sandals

Photo by Daphne Youree

Favorite Schumacher Patterns: 

Oh my goodness, there are so many! But a few off the top of my head are “Bunny” because I just used this on my headboard! “Thistle” by Neisha Crosland is one of our newer designs that I just love!  It’s an oversized print that looks particularly handsome on a settee or sofa. I also love “Floreana” from our Signature Schumacher collection – it’s perfect for anything from a tablecloth to a kids room!

Must-Read Book & Must Watch: 

The Devil in the White City is my favorite book  - a must-read!  And if you haven’t seen The Sound of Music or the original Annie – watch or re-watch – I promise it will put a smile on your face!

The Hills Are Alive: An iconic snap from The Sound of Music

Newest Discovery: 

Murano and Venetian glass is certainly having a moment. I find the best from Rita KonigLand of Belle, and Moda Operandi. Deli flowers are always the best – big bang for almost no bucks and the most important thing I have discovered is called the wonderful quality of self-confidence – it can make anything look sensational!

Favorite Indulgence: 

French Fries and being shocking. The thrill I get from shock value is perhaps what makes me get up in the morning. And while I suppose it makes me a good storyteller it  also makes people roll their eyes with boredom and annoyance.  I think it was Obama who once said “A person’s greatest strength is also their greatest weakness.”


My Favorite NYC Restaurants That I’m Supporting:

 Yura’s Deli, any corner bodega for quick, good-looking flowers, and neighborhood favorites like Orsay (I took my boyfriend to this spot for his birthday and my girls for Easter brunch!), SerafinaA.O.CThe East Pole, and Le Bilbouquet.

Tori's Taste: Orsay, a true Upper East Side treasure

The First Place I Am Traveling…

Germany. My sister is moving there and I can’t wait to visit her! I love Germany, soft pretzels, and driving fast!