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We sat down with astrologer Alice Bell to get a glimpse into what’s in the stars for each sign this summer, from summer plans to what wicker bag to embrace.

It's all about the new in 2022, but what do the stars say for the glittering summer ahead? Chances are, you've read Alice Bell’'s spot on and sophisticated horoscopes in British Vogue.




May 22 - June 20



Summer Horoscope: You will be a social butterfly this summer, Gemini. You might be branching out of your usual circle to meet new people, or you may feel more connected to your friends. You could also be attending numerous group events and feel like you’re supported by a bigger community. In addition, you will be optimistic about your future hopes and dreams.


Wicker Bag Style: Because of your always active social life, you will want a wicker clutch that can transition easily from day activities to a night out with friends.








June 21 - July 22



Summer Horoscope: You will be seeing positive career developments take place this summer, Cancer. You might be met with exciting new work opportunities, or you could be taking on more responsibility in another area of your life. You could also be seeking a job that allows you greater freedom to make your own schedule, or you’re getting clear on your long term career goals. 


Wicker Bag Style: You are intrigued by history and the past, so you might be drawn to a vintage inspired, wicker picnic basket.








July 23 - August 23



Summer Horoscope: You will want to break out of your usual routine and see more of the world this summer, Leo. You might be traveling internationally, or you could be motivated to invest time into learning and education. You may also be developing writing or teaching related projects, and want to share your knowledge with everyone. 


Wicker Bag Style: You enjoy wearing eye-catching colors and prints, just like this statement wicker tote with accent red handles.








August 24 - September 23



Summer Horoscope: You will be doing positive inner healing this summer, Virgo. You might be going deeper in your relationships, and learning how to either share money and resources with someone, or be more open and vulnerable. You may also want to cut out any negative habits or mindsets you’ve been holding on to for way too long.


Wicker Bag Style: You value productivity, and you like everything in your wardrobe to serve a practical function. A versatile wicker tote is perfect for carrying all of your everyday essentials.








September 24 - October 23



Summer Horoscope: You will be building relationships this summer, Libra. If you’re single, you may meet someone or be more open minded when dating. You may also feel more connected to your current partner, and be entering into an exciting new chapter of your relationship. On the other hand, you could be solidifying a business partnership and be working closely alongside someone. 


Wicker Bag Style: You value beauty and the arts, so you may want a bag that has a subtle design touch like painted stripes.








October 24 - November 22



Summer Horoscope: You will have a busier summer with work, Scorpio. You may be juggling multiple job projects at once, or stepping into a bigger role. You will be motivated to get more organized, and you could also be setting healthier everyday habits for yourself, such as exercising regularly, eating nutritious foods, or developing a new skincare routine.


Wicker Bag Style: When it comes to your style, you veer towards subtle silhouettes and darker colors, like this classic, navy wicker tote.








November 23 - December 21



Summer Horoscope: You will be mixing and mingling with new people this summer, Sagittarius. You may have greater confidence when dating or in social situations, and you will be embracing the traits that set you apart from everyone else. You could also be creatively inspired, and want to put energy into a creative work or passion project. 


Wicker Bag Style: You are a big traveler and you’re always wanting to immerse yourself in different cultures. You may want a bag that can double as a beach tote or fold easily into your suitcase.








December 22 - January 20



Summer Horoscope: You will be seeing positive growth happen at home this summer, Capricorn. You might be moving to a spacious, new place, or you could be doing bigger renovations or redecorating. On the other hand, you may have happy events take place within your family or you could be strengthening the relationship you have with your loved ones and relatives. 


Wicker Bag Style: Your style tends to be more traditional, and you may have a wardrobe full of everyday staples. This straw tote with a bamboo handle will be sure to stand the test of time.








January 21 - February 19



Summer Horoscope: You will be very on the go this summer, Aquarius. You might have a lot of shorter trips and vacations, or you could be connecting with acquaintances and people in your neighborhood. In addition, you might be full of ideas you want to put forth into writing, presentations or videos, or you could be teaching yourself a variety of new information. 


Wicker Bag Style: You tend to avoid trends, and you like items that are eccentric in some way, such as the unique bucket shape of this wicker tote.








February 20 - March 20



Summer Horoscope: You will see improvements at work this summer, Pisces. You may be getting your own business off the ground, or have freelance opportunities pop up. You could also be receiving a raise at work, or you’re feeling confident in the skills you bring to the table. On the other hand, you may be shopping and splurging more than usual. 


Wicker Bag Style: You are a true romantic, and you appreciate clothing and accessories that have small, thoughtful details like the leather flap and bamboo closure on this bag.








March 21 - April 20



Summer Horoscope: You’re turning over a new chapter in your life this summer, Aries. You may get approached about a significant new opportunity, and you will feel more seen by other people. You may also be more confident and energetic, or want to travel internationally and further your education by taking a course on a specific subject.


Wicker Bag Style: You live a very active lifestyle, so you need a bag that’s compact, and that you can easily sling over your shoulder.








April 21 - May 21



Summer Horoscope: You will be enjoying time alone this summer, Taurus. You may take up an interest in spiritual activities like meditation, astrology, or journaling, or you could be reflecting on your emotions and want to overcome the ways in which you hold yourself back. You may also want to take a solo vacation or work on a project or hobby behind the scenes.


Wicker Bag Style: You favor quality over quantity when it comes to your style, so you may be drawn to a bag that has a polished finish, like this one with sleek tortoise handles.







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