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J.McLaughlin Local Guides: Bethesda

Adjacent to the nation's capital, Bethesda, Maryland is a thriving urban center that brings together rich dining, shopping, and entertainment. Just a Metro ride away, you'll find yourself at the National Mall, but don't miss out on all that Bethesda has to offer, such as the vibrant Arts and Entertainment District. J.McLaughlin is nestled in Bethesda Row (4851 Bethesda Avenue), right at the bright orange awnings between Woodmont Avenue and Arlington Road. We put together an insider's guide to Bethesda for an itinerary of the must-visit places around town.

Bethesda RowBethesda Row

J.McLaughlin is a proud part of Bethesda Row, a shopping center with plenty of charming boutiques. You can't go hungry in this area either. Around the corner, you can indulge in a jumbo roll from Luke's Lobster. Afterward, satisfy your sweet tooth with a delicious gelati from the renowned Dolcezza Gelato & Coffee


Of course, if you're looking for an intimate dinner with great music, stop by the Bethesda Blues and Jazz Supper Club for an elegant evening that you won't forget. Reserve a seat to enjoy performances in this gorgeous art deco theater. Unwind with a drink there's also Creole and American fare to feast on as well. 

A few miles from Bethesda Row, you'll discover the wonders of the bustling Bethesda Arts and Entertainment District. Besides showcasing public art structures, this region is a hub for art galleries and theaters. Year-round, there are fun events such as the Bethesda Film Fest, Bethesda Literary Festival, and Bethesda Summer Concert Series. Check if your visit falls on any of these local favorites!


Of course, we can't talk about Bethesda without mentioning the Strathmore, the crown jewel of the city when it comes to the arts. A few miles north of the Arts and Entertainment District, it's a cultural venue and institution that hosts hundreds of world-class performances and events each year. Its headliners have included groups such as the National Philharmonic and Baltimore Symphony Orchestra. 


Of course, wherever you explore in Bethesda, you can't go wrong with a classic #jmclook, from statement jackets to seasonless sweaters.


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